TNA Wrestling superstar MVP recently spoke with The American magazine during the company’s recent tour of the United Kingdom.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On his decision to join TNA Wrestling and his contract status: “It was spectacular, it was exasperating to have been away for so long and to come back and receive the reception that I did was humbling. The fans remembered me and they were glad to have me back. The whole tour was awesome, after Glasgow, we did Manchester and London and it reminded me of why I love it so much. The confirmation didn’t come until less than 2 weeks before I came over, I still don’t have a signed contract, so I’m here on a handshake, but I expressed to the company when I did make my debut that I wanted to do it on the UK tour.”

On people he wants to work with: “I made the stipulation very clear, if I were to come to TNA, I would absolutely have to work with Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode at some point. Those are the guys that are on my list. Fortunately, I had my first match with Bobby Roode the other night at Wembley and we had probably about 9 minutes, so it was a chance to test the water, I definitely like his style, I like his work. Kurt Angle is a legitimate legend and Joe and I have been friends for a long time, he is a guy I’ve wanted to face for years going back to the indies. Those are just a few of the guys I’m looking forward to working with, one of the things that attracted me to TNA is the overall roster, they have top-tier talent.”

On his music and his TNA theme song: “Right before I left WWE, I composed my own theme song and it made it to the air a few times before I left. With TNA, it was definitely something we discussed and I expressed that if I come over, I do want to compose my own theme music. I had seen what they had done with Mickie James and Jeff Hardy musically and that is an aspect of my creativity that I would like to explore some more. They were completely supportive and it is something we will delve into at some point. My new theme song in TNA is called “Return of the Ronin” and for those that don’t know, a Ronin is a Japanese word for masterless samurai and in the wrestling industry that is how I see myself. I serve no master, that is why I have been able to go from WWE to New Japan and TNA.”

The interview is available in full at this link.