The Miz recently did an interview with The Film Yap promoting his new movie, The Marine 3: Homefront.  Here are some highlights:

Who he would like to work a program with that he hasn’t yet: “I’d like to work The Rock. He was basically the person I looked at and said ‘I want to be a WWE Superstar.’ Just to watch him during the Attitude Era and to watch his matches. Not only to go up against him, but to exceed him. That’s what every WWE Superstar wants to do, whether it’s CM Punk, John Cena, you want to take it to the next level. I’ve already had that huge program with John Cena that took me to the next level, which taught me so much about the WWE, and there’s always CM Punk who is doing such a great job. He was WWE Champion for 400-plus days and is still on a roll. Those are great superstars who you want to get. You always want to be at the top.”

If he wants to continue acting: “Not only do I want to continue it, I am continuing it with “The Christmas Bounty.” I start filming that in April and it comes out at Christmas.”

The new WWE Championship belt: “I really like it. When I was WWE champion, I changed the belt too, changing the WWE logo to an “M” and stopping it from spinning. I agree with the Rock. A championship should not spin and should not be looked at as a toy. It should be looked upon with prestige and I think this new title reflects that. When people win World Series or NBA Finals or Super Bowls, I think they’ll be wearing this around their waists because it embodies what a title should look like.”