In a recent interview with Dayton 24/7 Now, WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Dolph Ziggler discussed several topics, including how much longer he plans to wrestle.

“It really depends, because no one gets more frustrated at work than me, but in a positive way. When I figure out what’s going on and I go okay, I can make this happen, I can get this done today. I’ve been very fortunate injury-wise, I’ve had two concussions that we took our time and got to go through every protocol that there was and then some and that’s over 15 years and everything else.

I’ve been very fortunate to be always ready to go, hell I’m the guy that usually if someone gets hurt, they throw me into the World Title match, so I’m always ready to go no matter what and I love being that person who’s so prepared and so ready to go that I can be in a Tag Team Title match, I can be in a World Title match, I can be in the opening match and it could be the best thing on the show, so I don’t know exactly, there’s no timeframe.

I’m very lucky WWE wants me here for the next 10-20 years, let alone behind the scenes afterwards, so I will judge it every few years. I say give it until 2025 and then, we either start toning it down or maybe, I just want to make sure that my body can always go. If I can’t go 100 percent, but I can go 99 percent, I won’t be okay with being in the ring.”

The interview is available in full at this link.