New Japan Pro Wrestling sent out the following:

DRAGON GATE comes to Power Struggle as Frontier Zone returns

Frontier Zone match to kick off Power Struggle November 4

After the Frontier Zone concept was introduced at Destruction in Ryogoku, demand has been high for a return of the unique kickoff, where young prospects, as well as wrestlers from other companies get a chance to perform against NJPW competition and in front of NJPW crowds. On November 4, the match type will return in EDION Arena with a pre-Power Struggle Frontier Zone highlighting DRAGONGATE.

Mochizuki Jr., Yoshiki Kato and Strong Machine J will be representing the promotion at Power Struggle. 21 year old Mochizuki is the son of DRAGON GATE legend Masaaki Mochizuki, and will look to use his karate background to unleash strong kicks to his opposition. Kato, 26 will be looking to make the most out of this major opportunity as well, barely one year into his in ring career, while Strong Machine J will be bringing the Machine lineage back to NJPW rings for the first time since the original Super Strong Machine retired back in 2018.

The NJPW opponents for this DG trio will be announced at a later date. What will come out of this unique matchup? Watch Power Struggle live in English on NJPW World!