Newly-crowned WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was a guest this morning on ESPN2’s Grolic And Wingo where he discussed his victory over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 last night and several other topics.

The hosts congratulated Drew on his victory, but noted that it was an event that had no fans and asked him what it was like for him to perform in that manner. Drew said that it was different and that they knew going in that it was going to be very strange, but that they were proud to go out there and perform and entertain everyone in these different times and that the feedback for the show was great and that everyone went out and hit it out of the park, while he’s thankful that he won the title.

The hosts then asked that having that WrestleMania moment in such a surreal setting for Drew, was there anything that took away the moment for him. Drew said that nothing took away the moment, noting that he was with the company for 8 years and deservedly got fired for not giving it his all and that from that day, he worked to start from stratch, started ten feet down and had to dig himself up to zero and work from there. Drew said that when he initially found out that WrestleMania 36 was not going to be held in Raymond James Stadium, he was angry, but when he really started watching the news, he felt selfish because of all the suffering that everyone was going through and said that it was not his moment anymore and it was a big deal that they were going forward and that they were giving everyone something to watch and enjoy and said that it was surreal watching it back and watching it with everyone else in the world from his couch. Drew said that when the three count happened, he saw his face and he felt the emotion of the journey that he has been through, noting that they are not supposed to look in the camera as it breaks the fourth wall, but he did it anyway to look out to those watching at home to say thank you. Drew said that he wanted to thank everyone who was on his journey and said that he was thankful that the WWE kept that in the show, because everyone was with him.

The hosts then asked Drew about the precautions in place to have the show at the WWE Performance Center. Drew said that they had some closed sets with minimum personnel and said that jose are the unsung heroes of the WWE. Drew noted that there were doctors at the doors of the WWE Performance Center as they entered, one at a time, following the CDC protocols and that looking back, given how little people worked the show, it is amazing that they made it something as big as it was and that as long as it can be safe for the talent, then they are going to move forward and try to give everyone something to look forward to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night with the WWE. The hosts then asked when in the match that Drew knew that he could still perform the way that he wanted to even without the fans in attendance. Drew said that it was Brock Lesnar that he was facing and that it was eerie quiet backstage, but when he heard his music, something inside him changed and said that nothing was going to matter at that point, because he was now in the zone and said that when you see the look on Brock Lesnar’s face, Brock looks at you like he is going to eat you alive and that when he saw that look, all he was thinking was that he was going to destroy Brock Lesnar and become the WWE Champion. Drew said that he did not care what Brock Lesnar threw at him, because he was going to beat his a** and that he was so in the zone and so attuned to where it was essentially a wrestling ring bar fight and that to take those F5’s, crush Brock and win the title, he can’t say enough about all the positive feedback and support coming out of the show, because at the end of the day, he is just thankful that they were able to perform for everyone and entertain them.

The hosts then turned their attention to Drew’s thoughts on other matches on the card, including the Boneyard Match and the Firefly Funhouse Match. Drew said that the Boneyard Match was way outside the box thinking, but that it was good that they were able to explore those types of options and suggested that perhaps they could have a few of those types of matches each year, noting that he loved the Boneyard Match as it was like watching The Undertaker as Dirty Harry. Drew then joked that Luke Gallows was thrown off a roof and probably has two broken legs, while AJ Styles was buried alive, but that no one has checked on Karl Anderson, who was tombstoned on the roof of a building that The Undertaker set on fire. Drew then said that the Firefly Funhouse Match was fun, especially if you were a long-time fan and that if you followed wrestling, then you got to see John Cena go through the different stages of his career and that if you weren’t a wrestling fan, then you probably thought that someone spiked your drink or that you were having a fever dream, but said that everything was wildly entertaining and said that himself and Brock had to follow that and have a happy ending to the show and noted that he was happy that they tried to come up with ways to think outside the box, approach things differently and thinks that the company knocked it out of the park with those two matches.

The hosts then asked him what sort of schedule he now has. Drew said that everyone in the company are taking things one step at a time and following the CDC guidelines and said that Tyson Fury has been talking trash on him already, so if Tyson Fury wants a match against him, then he has it.