In an interview with Brian Fritz of Sporting News to promote this Saturday’s WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III live special on the WWE Network, WWE NXT superstar Drew McIntyre commented on getting the call to return to the WWE as part of the NXT brand, being dubbed “The Chosen One” by Vince McMahon and more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On getting the call from Triple H to return to WWE as part of the NXT brand: “After I got off the phone with him, one, I was very honored that he wanted me to be part of his baby in NXT and two, my mind was made up. I knew I had to be in NXT. I knew that was the next step for me and my family and walking in the door, seeing all the faces that I knew and faces that I didn’t know that I wanted to work with, I though, wow, this is going to be something. We have something special here and we really do.”

On Vince McMahon dubbing him “The Chosen One” several years ago: “He saw something in me when I was younger that I didn’t necessarily see myself and maybe others didn’t see, which is a pretty cool feeling and finally, years later, after all the things I’ve been through and growing up, I think, finally, now it’s starting to materialize and everyone is starting to see what he saw back in the day. He had that kind of faith in me and saw something in me that he was willing to endorse me in that way and perhaps it just took a minute and took a few life experiences to actually bring out what he saw.”

The interview is available in full at this link.