In a recent interview with The Pat McAfee Show, WWE superstar Drew McIntyre discussed several topics, including his decision to sign a new deal with the WWE.

“If you try to politic, you’re way ahead of me, I’ll just beat you down, and I’ll get myself ahead of you, because I know how this game works and I’m too big and wise, and that’s why I’ve been with WWE for the foreseeable future. I wasn’t going to go anywhere, if anybody out there was unsure reading those internet rumors or whatever, we were just in a place where, you know, I had to get things right for my family.

I got with Nick Khan and Triple H, and they were so understanding, we got things right for the future. Drew McIntyre was never going to go away from WWE, and it’s awesome that The Rock made that announcement, it is the first time he’s done that for anybody on the roster.

Drew McIntyre has re-signed with WWE and I want to talk with some positive and inspirational headlines. I was fired in 2014 by WWE, and I deserved to get fired, I needed to get fired to truly find myself and 10 years later, The Rock is announcing Drew McIntyre has re-signed with WWE.

For anyone out there who’s made it, and then you get knocked down on your butt, you’ve got to keep fighting, you’ve got to keep pushing forward.”

The full episode is available at this link.