On the latest edition of the E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness, WWE Hall of Famer Edge shared a story on the late Bruno Sammartino calling him after Edge underwent neck surgery several years ago.

“I’d met Bruno a couple of times, very nice, very cordial, very polite, very interested and engaged in the conversation. He’d look you in the eyes. He’s one of those guys, a solid handshake, a pat on the back; but, I had my second neck surgery in 2012 in Pittsburgh by Dr. Joseph Maroon and I woke up from surgery and they took me in my room. I was sitting there and my voice was a little hoarse and I was still kind of coming to and my hospital room phone rings and Beth picks it up and she goes, ‘Adam, it’s Bruno.’

It was Bruno Sammartino. He found out I was in town, was having neck surgery and got the number to my hospital room and called me post-surgery to make sure I was ok and it completely blew my brain. We’d met and he made a huge impact on me, obviously; but, it was still so surreal to be post-surgery and talking to Bruno Sammartino, who was just concerned. I think that to me exemplifies what kind of man he was.”