In a recent interview with Daily DDT, WWE NXT superstar Ember Moon discussed several topics, including keeping her return to the WWE NXT brand a surprise from everyone.

“I was in Orlando for most of September and then I flew home for three days. I was in a beanie, a hoodie, sweatpants and I was sweating bullets for a month in Orlando, people needed to know my dedication.

The thing is, they were going to do something with me leaving, because I was injured, but then someone leaked I was injured, so I was like, oh come on, I didn’t tell anyone, so I’m very certain the only people who knew were me, Hunter and Vince, because Hunter had to go to Vince about me coming to NXT.

I’m assuming that’s the only group that knew and the people that made the video packages and stuff, it was probably less than 10 people to the point where people from backstage were like, it’s you isn’t it and I would go, no, I think it’s Bo Dallas.

Thank goodness for Bo throwing out the sleeper tweets, thank you Bo, the original NXT Champion, I will always Bo-lieve, which is mostly why I tweeted that out, I was saying thank you to Bo, so I don’t even know if he thought it was me or if he suspected it, but thank you to Bo Dallas. I like how everyone likes to chalk it up as a negative, but it was me saying thank you.”

The interview is available in full at this link.