The following results are from a recent Enjoy Wrestling event. The event took place on October 8th, 2021 at the Pittsburgh Grand Hall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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8 Person Mixed Tag Team Match
Mr. Grim, Calvin Couture, Tyler Klein & David Lawless (w/Commander Sterling) defeated Veda Scott, Erica Leigh, PB Smooth & Rob Killjoy.

Intergender Singles Match
Willow Nightingale defeated Derek Dillinger.

FEST Wrestling Championship Match
Effy (c) defeated Billy Dixon.

Hair vs. Mask Match
Edith Surreal defeated Ziggy Haim.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Dani Mo & Facade defeated Killian McMurphy & Savannah Evans.

Singles Match
Lee Moriarty defeated Darius Lockhart.

Enjoy Championship Match
MV Young (c) defeated Max The Impaler.