In an interview with SuperLuchas, Epico Colon discussed several topics and revealed that he had spoke with Vince McMahon about the possibility of bringing back Carlito, prior to their WWE release.

“So Michael Hayes, he gave Vince the okay the okay and that it was a great idea. Well, let’s try to get Carlito, this entire process took about three months, politically, a lot of other people that had power intervened, I don’t know if it’s people that Carlito annoyed, but when the call was made to Carlito, they offered a contract that you would give to a developmental talent, practically saying, we’re offering you a deal, not because we want you, it’s just because, take it or leave it.

We figured okay, there’s something that’s beyond our control that is coming between us and Vince, when we were talking with our boss at Talent Relations and asked what happened with Carlito, we were told that Vince had not given the okay, so we told him, let’s go talk to Vince, he’s there. He was afraid of that, but we told him, we have confidence in Vince, so we grabbed him by the arm and we went to Vince’s office, he’s on the phone and we asked him about Carlito and our director asks, what are we doing with Carlito. Vince done the thumbs up sign, but nothing ever materialized.”

The full interview is available at this link.