In a recent edition of his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed why Bully Ray would be a valuable asset to either the WWE or All Elite Wrestling.

“Bully is incredibly smart, incredibly experienced and he knows how to carry himself. There’s a culture in WWE, I found out the hard way, if you’re going to fit into that culture, you have to shed your skin and bring the skin that’s provided to you by the head of culture in WWE, you just have to. Some people can do that, Adam Pearce is doing a fantastic job, certain people do, certain people don’t. Bully knows what it’s like to be in WWE, especially in that role as a producer and on the creative team, I’m guessing that he just doesn’t want it, I’m not sure if anyone has ever offered it to him and maybe if they did, he’d make a fool of me. Bully’s a man’s man, he’s very much an individual, he’ll compromise to a point and then, he won’t, I’m guessing that’s probably why.

As far as AEW goes, I don’t know, there’s not a lot of really experienced, talented people who understand the art of creating emotion and that’s what Bully was best at. I don’t know why Bully’s not there in AEW, because he’s valuable. There’s some really talented people there and obviously, Chris Jericho is maybe one of the most creative people right now, but wouldn’t you like to have two or three or four people that have Chris Jericho’s kind of experience and feel, but maybe come at it from a couple of different perspectives, so you have options. I would think somebody like AEW would really benefit from Bully’s experience.”

The show is available in full at this link.