In a recent interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, newly-crowned IMPACT World Champion Eric Young discussed his contract status with the company.

“Yeah, I’m committed there, I signed a two-year exclusive deal, so exclusively wrestling with them, it will be all IMPACT all the time for me. I mean, I have tons of other interests like TV, outside of that, I’m crazy into fantasy sports, just actually this morning signed a deal with SportsGrid. I’ll be doing a Sunday morning fantasy prep show for them that airs digitally online and all over the world.

Like I said, I’m a very experiential person, I want to do everything, I’m running out of time in the day, one guy can only do so much. For me, IMPACT is my home, it was my home away from home when I was gone. Now, I’m back, it’s just a very cool place to work, a very cool place to be involved. I said, for me, I just wanted to be involved, I just wanted to be doing something. The fact that I’m the World Champion, I’m the flag bearer, I’m the flagship of the show, it’s a huge honor for me, something I feel that I’ve earned and I deserve, but I will not rest on it, you know what I mean?

I’ve never been a person that’s rested on it, I want to improve myself, I want to improve IMPACT and in turn, improving my life, everything is circular that way. The task at hand is huge, we’ve got a long ways to go, but the opportunity is there, it’s limitless potential in this locker room and I can’t wait to get going and do some other amazing things.”

The interview is available in full at this link.