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Impact Wrestling is on the move, moving to Wednesday nights starting tonight on Spike TV from 9:00p – 11:00p ET. Brian Fritz from spoke with TNA star Ethan Carter III about the change in night for the TV show, seeing Dixie Carter get put through a table. the chatter about the future of the company when it comes to its deal with Spike, the direction of the show lately and why he thinks it has been better, Bully Ray saying his goodbyes and it looking like he is gone from the company, working with Sting before he left, getting opportunities with TNA Wrestling and why he didn’t get them before, if you can even be comfortable working in the wrestling business, his flashy wardrobe and some Cleveland sports including Johnny Manziel with the Browns and his reaction to Lebron James joining the Cavs.

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Here are some excerpts from the interview:

On Dixie Carter getting put through a table: In all honesty, she martyred for her cause and you can’t do anything but respect her doing that. It was a great angle that had a conducive story telling a beginning, middle and end and a payoff that left everyone happy. All the credit in the world to her for taking that risk with her body. And it also doesn’t hurt to have a boss know want it feels like a little bit.

On Impact Wrestling moving to Wednesday nights on Spike TV: I like the move a lot personally because I don’t have anything to watch on Wednesdays. Thursdays is a pretty stacked night, especially with the NFL coming back. I think as we continually move forward I think all bets are off with what kind of things we can experiment with doing. Everything seemingly over the past few months has been going pretty strongly in our favor as far as taking risks whether it’s the ring, moving TV to New York and Bethlehem areas. All that stuff has proven to be a better product so I don’t see why this move doesn’t make it even better and maybe even open to a more wide audience.

On the talk about TNA when it comes to its deal with Spike TV: There is a lot of chatter and I think a lot of misinformation but I know that Spike and TNA are in constant negotiations and I leave that to them. What I do know is that we have an awesome product that is continually getting better each and every week so if it’s Spike, if it’s somewhere else we are an asset and will continue moving forward and I’m very confident in our future as a company.