Ryan Rider passed along the following:

Ethan Carter was recently interviewed by Main Event Radio.

Here are the hightlights:

TNA in New York City: Being in the ring at the Manhattan Center, I love it. I love the crowd because they loathe me. Just having that atmosphere, the interaction with people really drives me to perform. It’s a lot of fun…and I hope that the crowd had a lot of fun sending jeers, throwing bags of urine or whatever they were shooting at me.

Dixie Carter going through a table: No matter how long I’ve been in the industry. I was finally a part of a compelling story that had a clear beginning and end; a culmination and a pay-off. It was pretty rewarding to be a part of that. We gave the people what they wanted and they got it and now we have to give them something else to sink their teeth into.

Bully Ray possibly departing: Honesty being in the ring with Bully was some of the most fun I’ve had. Beating him at Slammiversary was quite a breakout moment for me. If he were to leave TNA, I would hope to personally take him out. I’d love to keep him around.

Bound for Glory coming up: I got to go to Japan about a month and a half ago with Wrestle-1. I teamed with Rockstar Spud and got to wrestle against Tajiri. Going full-circle for me being a huge fan of ECW growing up to go there and wrestle him in Japan. Unfortunately we lost but it was a great experience and quite hilarious seeing Rockstar Spud squirming from being green misted. As far as match possibilities, it will be interesting to see where we go. Being in Japan where it’s not going to be the same environment with people not as in tune with the stories going on. I would love to go to Japan and defeat Kurt Angle if he is healthy and if his knee is ok. He is the cyborg, he’s training really hard. He continues to be a thorn in my side, and he seems to be in the right path to health. So hopefully he will be cleared to be in the ring and I can beat a healthy Kurt Angle.

Where he would like to go next: With the culmination of Dixie Carter going through a table, it’s time for EC3 to move forward solo and take the reins of the company. The next step after BFG, my complete focus will be becoming champion. Bobby Lashley has taken the ball and ran with it completely. What he’s done on TV in the coming weeks – his match with Bobby Roode was off the charts. That would be my next goal – TNA Champion no matter who I have to beat even if it is the Destroyer.

The interview can be downloaded at MainEventRadio.com.