Nick Dinsmore, who portrayed the Eugene character on WWE television in the past has defended the company in a video on the WWE’s official website as part of their “Stand up for WWE” campaign where his name came up in an article that he portrayed a “mentally retarded” character on-screen.

The video starts off with Dinsmore introducing himself and noting that for 5 years, he had the privilege of playing the Eugene character on WWE television and that the Eugene character was unique in the fact that he was a person with special needs and that the WWE has and continues to showcase a wide variety of characters and a fictious WWE Universe and that this WWE Universe comes to you each and every week and entertains millions and millions of fans and that when he was playing the role of Eugene, he wanted to display a character that had not only special needs, but incredible qualities such as honesty, strength and a very playful man, who was quite naive at times. Dinsmore noted that his favorite quality as Eugene was his heart and desire and the fact that he went after his dreams and achieved them at any cost and didn’t let anything stand in his way.

Dinsmore noted that once the fans started to see that he could live his dream, Eugene was then winning championships, meeting his idols and more and more people cheered for him and wanted to see him succeed and that it’s no different from the Forrest Gump movie when he started to do good for himself, everyone cheered him on and wanted him to do better and that people treated Eugene the same way and they wanted to see him succeed and he’s proud that he got the chance to portray a true hero. Dinsmore then stated that Eugene had a lot of forces, a lot of bad guys against him and that probably the meanest, nastiest, dirtiest devious of them all was the sinister character, Mr. McMahon, but even with the forces against him, Eugene always came out on top and even pinned Mr. McMahon in the ring one time.

Dinsmore then continued stating that he’s proud to have been part of the WWE, an organization that has the commitment to individuals with special needs and that the WWE is a proud supporter of The Arc, Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Special Olympics and that while he was part of the company, nobody ever really came up to him and said that he was doing a bad thing and if anything, he got a lot of positive affirmation and that he has met people with special needs and without a doubt, they would always come up and just want to hug him and that there is one instance for them to be able to meet what he hopes would be their hero, is a little bit indescribable and an incredible feeling. Dinsmore then concluded by saying that characters like that have to overcome adversities and face everyday challenges and they always come out on top, it’s Hollywood, where the good guys always win.

You can view the video at this link.