As we noted exclusively on the website on Wednesday evening, World Wrestling Entertainment suspended WWE Monday Night RAW superstar and former WWE Tag Team Champion, Evan Bourne, for the usage of spice, a synthetic marijuana, which resulted in the high-flying superstar being inactive for 60 days for his second failure of the company’s wellness policy testing.

With Bourne now out of action and not permitted to return to television until March 19th, Wrestling-News.Net have also learned that there is two main focus points in the company right now, of whether to push Kofi Kingston as a singles star, or keep him as a tag team superstar with a new tag team partner, as the Air Boom tag team has now been declared effectively dead within the WWE.

One of the main talking points amongst creative is to push Kingston heavily as a singles star and have him challenge Jack Swagger for the WWE United States Championship. Many of the creative staff are currently pointing to Kingston’s overness during his feud with Randy Orton as to how much he can bring to a program with another superstar and all agree that Kingston was not given the ball to run with that feud, however Vince McMahon and a few others are of the opinion of keeping Kofi as a tag team superstar and teaming him with Ezekiel Jackson, JTG, Mason Ryan or even R-Truth.

Another discussion is to have The Uso’s challenge Epico and Primo for a brief period as the company bring up developmental talent to the main roster as challengers to the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Kofi will also be replacing Bourne on all WWE appearances that Bourne was scheduled to attend.