In an update on the ongoing Extreme Rising World Title update, Extreme Rising owner Steve O’Neill took to his official Facebook account to comment on the matter, noting that Luke Hawx is not the Extreme Rising World Champion as the match at the recent ECWA event on March 1st was not sanctioned by Extreme Rising.

“Seriously, Luke Hawx is not the Extreme Rising World Heavyweight Champion. The match on 3/1 from ECWA where he defeated Stevie Richards was not sanctioned by myself or Extreme Rising, meaning that Stevie Richards is STILL the World Champion of Extreme Rising. Just because someone announces something does not make it official or law, so just as the ring announcer Bob Artese was told it was a title match by referee Michael Kehner, who was told it was a “title” match by Papadon does not mean it was a title match and just because Luke Hawx is parading around with the Extreme Rising belt calling himself the champion does not make it true. To ANY promoter, hiring Luke Hawx and giving a “title” match on your event means nothing, as it is not sanctioned by myself, nor Extreme Rising. Stevie Richards, the Extreme Rising World Champion, however is available for bookings and “title” matches for the Extreme Rising belt.”

Hawx commented on the matter stating, “Bu**s***! F*** off Steve……….Proof is in the video, so kiss my a**.” O’Neill quickly responded to Hawx comments on the matter writing, “Now, is Luke Hawx that desperate to be champion to pull some underhand s*** like this? Shane Douglas was right about you it looks like unfortunately. Fact report, my company, the match was not sanctioned to be a title match at ECWA. Why the f*** would I rob the Extreme Rising fans of a title match between you and Stevie Richards? Seriously, ease up hard guy. You will return the belt back to Richards like it or not. He may have to wait until April 25th, but he is getting the belt back. Is this how you teach your students? Is this the training you instill in your Wildkat trainees? I sure hope not!”