In an interview with The UK Sun, WWE RAW superstar Finn Bálor commented on the potential of UFC star Conor McGregor appearing on WWE programming following reports that McGregor’s team had been in discussions with the WWE about him appearing at WrestleMania 34, something that UFC President Dana White recently stated is untrue.

“I hope there’s an opportunity for a story to emerge. We’re all looking forward to having Conor at WrestleMania… If I was given the opportunity to get in the ring beside Conor, or across the ring to face him, it would be huge for me.

I try and keep myself out of rumors, but it is Conor McGregor and the WWE. It’s a huge coupe for the WWE. Without a doubt the biggest sports star in the world right now. He would bring a huge amount of eyes to our product, which would benefit everyone in WWE.”

The interview is available in full at this link.