In a press conference earlier this evening, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discussed several topics amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, including why the WWE were deemed an essential business, noting that people want content.

“Obviously with WWE, there’s no crowd, so it’s a very small number of people. We look at it on a case-by-case basis, we haven’t had a huge amount of requests. A lot of this will be, what do we look like in May, rather than doing stuff now. The one thing I do support is, we do need to support content, especially sports and events, we’re not going to have crowds there, I get that. If NASCAR does a race and can televise it, I think that’s a good thing. I’d like to see Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson golf, that’s social distancing.

I think people are starved for content, we haven’t had new content since the middle of March. If people are told to stay closer to the house, it sure does help to have fresh things to do, people are chomping at the bit. I think people, to be able to have some light at the end of the tunnel and see things get back on a better course, I think from a psychological perspective, is a good thing.”

You can watch Gov. DeSantis’ press conference from NBC 6 South Florida below: