Former WWE NXT superstar Dan Matha (aka Dorian Mak), who was one of the names released by the WWE as part of cutbacks related to COVID-19 announced on his official Twitter account that he was in a car crash in the weeks prior to his WWE release.

“Boy, do I have a crazy a** story to tell all of you. From the world getting locked down, to getting ejected through my car window and then being released by the WWE. It’s been a wild, I mean WILD 21 days. Tune in to my IG live at 1 & I’ll drop all the details your little heart could desire.”

Over on his official Instagram account, Matha stated that he would like to continue wrestling stating, “I would like to continue wrestling, I’ve worked my a** of for this skill set, five years of blood, sweat and tears to be a great entertainer and I’m not just going to throw that by the wayside, I’m going to look for somebody who is looking for a young, hungry, driven and ambitious man that has something to offer the world, I think they’re out there, I think that there’s plenty of people out there. It’s unfortunate that the WWE didn’t think the same things about me that I think about myself, but I know that there’s other people out there that think those things of me.”