Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts will be releasing his autobiography “Best Seat In The House: Your Backstage Pass Through My WWE Journey” on April 1st.

The book tells the story of a passionate professional wrestling fan who wanted nothing more than to be a ring announcer for World Wrestling Entertainment and amazingly achieved his goal. The book also chronicles Roberts’ ambitious journey to becoming the full-time ring announcer at WWE, traveling the globe with the wrestlers and announcing weekly live events, TV shows and the enormously popular pay-per-view spectaculars for more than a decade.

Roberts also gives fans a unique backstage pass to what it is like working for WWE and Vince McMahon, complete with the stories that only he can tell, ranging from his WWE tryout to his final night for the company. Roberts also reveals why WWE and Vince McMahon do not value the fans the way that they should, which wrestlers were easy to work with and those that gave him a hard time, the charitable side of names such as John Cena and The Rock and what the public does not know about the good that they have done, the fun times he had with the wrestlers, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, as well as the roles that various wrestlers played behind the scenes.

The book is currently priced $24.95 at various retailers prior to its release.