New Japan Pro Wrestling held their G1 CLIMAX press conference today in Dallas, Texas and touted that they will kick off tomorrow in Dallas, with all events streaming live on New Japan World, with the winner receiving the G1 CLIMAX cup. The A Block entrants Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Kota Ibushi, Will Ospreay, EVIL, SANADA, Bad Luck Fale, Zack Sabre Jr, Lance Archer and KENTA were introduced.

Hiroshi Tanahashi was asked to comment on competing in G1 CLIMAX 29. Tanahashi stated that he won last year’s tournament and feels that it is important that his match against Okada tomorrow ends with him winning to set the stage for him winning the tournament once again and said that once he beats Okada, winning the tournament will be easy for the second year in a row. Kazuchika Okada was asked to comment. Okada said that after hearing all the cheers from the fans, he is really looking forward to competing tomorrow and said that he is looking forward to having the opportunity to compete with Tanahashi in front of an American audience, noting that he has already won the New Japan Cup and he is the current IWGP Champion, so all he needs to top everything off is to win the G1 CLIMAX, which he will do this year.

Kota Ibushi was up next. Ibushi said that last year, he was the runner-up in the tournament, but that this year, he is going to win the whole thing and is not going to give up, stating that the people will see all that he has to give. Will Ospreay was up next and said that he doesn’t really like to do public speaking and usually when he does one of these, it’s in front of a lot of Japanese people who don’t understand him. Ospreay said that he is nervous, because it is his first G1 CLIMAX and said that people say that he has put in a hell of a 2019 thus far and he has never wanted to be the best wrestler, but just the wrestler who does his best. Ospreay said that he is proud that he is the first wrestler to do both the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament and G1 CLIMAX in the same year and said that people have come and gone, but he holds the responsibility of the New Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Division on his shoulders and he is going to fight with every little bit that he has, even if he’s against the hometown boy and that he wants to prove that the Juniors deserve the spotlight. Ospreay said that if you think the Best of the Super Juniors was the best he could achieve, he is going to hold the G1 Cup and the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title, go on to Wrestle Kingdom, win the IWGP Heavyweight Title and be the king of both divisions.

EVIL was up next and said that the competitors in the A Block will face his darkness and that New Japan Pro Wrestling is where all the wrestlers are coming to from all over the world. EVIL said that the fans can focus on the new wrestlers, but that he has been with New Japan for years and that everything in the world is evil. SANADA was up next and said that G1 is the largest event in the wrestling world as that is where all the wrestlers come together and said that he would show that he is the best wrestler in the world to everyone in the United States.

Bad Luck Fale was up next and had a brief message before Zack Sabre Jr took to the stage. ZSJ complained that he had to defend his shot against YOSHI-HASHI and said that there are a lot of cretins and morons in the company. ZSJ said that he was going to face Okada in this block and make him tap out, making sure that he got his Title match and said that he would not wait until the Tokyo Dome. ZSJ said that as British Heavyweight Champion, he has standards to keep and said that he was going to earn a title match and have it occur when New Japan come to London next month.

Lance Archer was up next and said that most fans think of him as a tag team wrestler, but this is a new opportunity and he is going to start that new opportunity by taking Will Ospreay out tomorrow. Archer said that he is going to make Ospreay feel pain that he never imagined and said that this is his chance to change everything people knew about him. Archer said that it starts in Dallas, but ends in Tokyo and that he is going to earn the title shot and bring the IWGP Heavyweight Title shot back to Texas. KENTA was the last speaker of the A Block. KENTA said that he was excited to be part of the G1 CLIMAX and came to New Japan to show the world that he is f***ing KENTA and said that tomorrow, he is going to kick Ibushi’s a**.

The B Block entrants Juice Robinson, Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano, Jeff Cobb, Hiroooki Goto, Taiji Ishimori, Tetsuya Naito, Jay White and Shingo Takagi were introduced, with it revealed that Jon Moxley would miss today’s press conference, thanking the audience for their understanding. Juice Robinson walked to the podium and said that he was going to give everyone hell this year, before walking off. Tomohiro Ishii was just as quick, stating that he was coming to Dallas and plans to make a big impact in the G1 CLIMAX. Toru Yano was introduced next and said that he was here as the tourist ambassador of Hokkaido and the producer of these DVD’s, which led to him showing off two DVD’s. Yano said that this will be a tough tournament, but he is going to bring some action to the G1 CLIMAX and would do his best for the fans in Dallas. Hirooki Goto was up next and spent a very brief time on the mic, noting that he spent a month at the dojo in Los Angeles with the goal of beating Jay White in the tournament this time around.

Jeff Cobb was introduced next and said that it is an honor to be part of the G1 CLIMAX Tournament and that ever since he was announced, he has been compared to past competitors. Cobb said that needs to stop because for one, his suit fits him and two, he is a different breed from the other gaijins. Cobb said that starting tomorrow, he is throwing a suplex party and everyone is involved all the way to the end of the tournament. Taiji Ishimori was introduced next and said that he came all the way from Japan, even though he hates flying and airplanes and that he spent half a day to get here and find out that his opponent Jon Moxley is not here and questioned why he was then here. Ishimori questioned why Moxley is getting such special treatment despite looking like a regular guy from the street.

Tetsuya Naito was up next and said that this year, the winner will have the right to challenge for the IWGP Heavyweight Title and that he has a lot of opinions on this system as the Intercontinental title holder and has a lot of ambitions, including winning the G1 CLIMAX. Naito said that his motivation is really high, but he can’t look too far in the future and has to look at every moment in the present and appreciate them and said that he has to see how this year’s tournament will turn out starting tomorrow. Shingo Takagi was introduced next and said that he experienced the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament and that after that, he was entered into the G1 CLIMAX Tournament, stating that the tournament is a Heavyweight Tournament, yet he is a Junior Heavyweight, but that will not stop him from standing atop the Tournament as the winner. Takagi noted that there were a lot of opportunities in this block and three singles Champions in the block. Takagi said that he got excited when the B Block was announced and that excitement has only risen as he is going to show what he can do to all of his opponents. The last person to be introduced was Jay White who said that he is disappointed that he is standing in this room and that he is in the tournament, because he is clearly the number one contender and that it is a joke that he has to prove himself again and a joke that he has to beat Hirooki Goto yet again. White said that his goal is to win the tournament, as he has no other goals, because the goal at the end of the day is to win it. White said that everyone else wants to get him in the ring, so that he can make them famous, just like he made them famous when he single-handedly sold out Madison Square Garden and said that the G1 CLIMAX being in Dallas does not mean s**t to him, because he is not from America and it is garbage that the world’s most prestigious tournament is taking place in a cesspool of a country with the company playing to the least-deserving fans.