Triple H held a pre-WWE NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day conference call today. Adam Hopkins opened the call, welcoming everyone before passing things over to Triple H who ran down the card, stating that every match is phenomenal and that they will have the finals of the Men’s and Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournaments. Triple H then passed things over to the Q&A session.

The first caller asked about Edge being on WWE NXT recently and if it is even realistic that he would challenge for the WWE NXT Championship. Triple H said that Edge’s return has been done really well and that he is in a place in his mind where he wants to build young talent and get them rolling, noting that he has talked to Edge since before his return last year about coming to WWE NXT and helping the young talent, noting that Edge would like to work with talents on the brand. HHH said that Edge is excited to work with the young talent, loves being there and loves to talk to the younger talent and that him challenging for the WWE NXT Championship at WrestleMania is not beyond the realm of possibility as just last year, Charlotte Flair won the Royal Rumble Match and chose to face Rhea Ripley, noting that everything is on the table and that no matter what happens at WrestleMania, he could see Edge coming to WWE NXT at some point and write some of the final chapters that he wants to write of his career.

The next caller asked about whether WWE NXT should have a more consistent appearance on WrestleMania every year. HHH said that it is great to be there and that the rosters are so big that you have to decide how long you want the show to be, noting that EVERYONE wants a spot at WrestleMania and that there are only so many, so it becomes a battle and a balance. HHH said that he loves WWE NXT being a part of WrestleMania if that continues on as it helps drive the brand forward and that it is just a matter of how much you can fit into the show versus what you can fit on a show on the weekend, such as Takeover.

The next caller asked about Indian talents getting fast-tracked to NXT or the main roster. HHH said that it is a work in progress with every talent in regards to them moving up to NXT or moving on from WWE NXT to the main roster. The next caller asked about the reported Parker Boudreaux signing and said that Parker looks a lot like Brock Lesnar. HHH confirmed the news regarding Parker, noting that he will see what he can do and whether he is ready to be a performer, noting that a lot of talents, including international talents, need seasoning and to learn the WWE way and that it is up to them to learn and get seasoned and that they need to show the desire and drive. HHH said that the next WWE Performance Center class will include the most women that they have signed in one go and said that Bronson Rechsteiner, the son of Rick Steiner is coming in the door and that while the look is one thing, the performer needs to step up too.

The next caller asked about WWE NXT being part of the WWE Elimination Chamber. HHH said that he would not be opposed to it, but also likes that the brands have their own separate gimmicks, noting that the main roster has WWE Elimination Chamber, NXT has WarGames and NXT UK has the Heritage Cup and that by keeping them separate, that’s a good thing. The next caller asked about the possibility of adding more Women’s Championship, such as an extra Championship or NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships based off the recruitment announcement. HHH said that you look at things and see if it makes sense, but that he is not a big fan of having a ton of Championships, but they will see where it goes as with the Women’s Division getting larger, it may warrant adding another Championship.

The next caller asked about the landscape possibly changing with the Peacock announcement, NBCSN closing down and hockey possibly coming to the USA Network, questioning what WWE NXT sees as successful ratings at this point. HHH said that Nick Khan said it best recently when he said that you are talking about eyeballs and consumption, noting that you have to wonder how are people consuming the product as people are watching more content these days, just not only on television as it used to be as they’re using phones, apps, etc to get eyeballs. HHH said that Nick Khan watched SmackDown on the app for months and that did not count in the ratings and that in today’s world, to say only one platform matters is naive as you have to take into account how people are watching and when they are watching, noting that it has changed over 15 years and he is happy where they are, but is never content, as he always wants to grow and always wants to get more eyeballs on the product, noting that Peacock will help them with that and that it’s all part of their engagement strategy.

The next caller asked about the amount of women in the 2021 Royal Rumble Match he had an input in booking. HHH said that he was there the day of and in on the conversations, but was not involved before that and that with the Royal Rumble, they look at people that they think are the right fit and that sometimes, they are looking for a holy crap moment, a surprise and such and that it’s never as simple as saying we will take so many from this brand, stating that it’s not cookie cutter and evolves as the plan does and that you need to have backups ready also as it comes down to who is the right fit.

The next caller asked about the status of The Velveteen Dream and Pat McAfee on the WWE NXT brand. HHH said that there is noting to add with The Velveteen Dream, noting that he is still training, had a physical issue, but is still there and training at the WWE Performance Center, while Pat is a super busy and successful guy and that it comes down to when he is available as given his connection with football, this was a super busy time for him. HHH said that he left him have some time after the Super Bowl, but that Pat loves being in WWE NXT and said that it’s similar to Bad Bunny on the main roster as Bad Bunny loves being involved with the WWE right now and is very respectful of the company, just like Pat, stating that Bad Bunny is just like everyone else when he is at the WWE Performance Center and training. The next caller asked about the status of Rhea Ripley, whether she is done on WWE NXT and her potential on the main roster. HHH said that at 23, Ripley has matured and grown so much within in the past year and brings so much to the table in all facets of the business as she is humble and wants to learn and can’t say enough good things about her, noting that he sees her as a breakout star in the making for the main roster as she has it, just like Bianca Belair.

The next caller asked whether there has been talk about WWE NXT appearing on Peacock, such as running the show live on there. HHH said that he is not sure about that one, as he is not in those conversations and that is a question better suited for someone like Nick Khan or Stephanie. HHH said that the great thing about WWE NXT on the USA Network is that they are happy with the product and when it sits, as there is synergy now which he could see landing to opportunity for the WWE NXT brand. The final caller asked about the company’s decision to release Steve Cutler, questioning if it was due to COVID-19 protocol changes. HHH said that he has no knowledge of the situation or what went down, but said that they take COVID-19 seriously and expect the talents to do the same, noting that the safety and the health of performers, staff and crew is paramount, but that he does not know the situation regarding Steve Cutler’s release, other than what he has read and what has been speculated to him, but that he has not asked what has happened.