Triple H held a conference call with media ahead of this Sunday’s WWE NXT Takeover: WarGames event on the WWE Network. Adam Hopkins opened the call and thanked everyone for their support throughout the year, before passing things over to Triple H who echoed those sentiments, wishing everyone the best and said that he hopes for a safer and better 2021.

Before Triple H ran down the card, he talked about the passing of Pat Patterson. Triple H said that he does not know if there is anyone outside of Vince McMahon who has had as big an influence on the WWE and wrestling than Pat Patterson and said that he does not know if he has ever run across a better mind for the business, in all aspects than Pat. HHH said that when they say that everyone has been affected by him, it was the truth as it was great to be around Pat, his energy and the love that he had for the business. HHH said that Pat would come to NXT Takeovers and would be one of the last ones to leave, noting that Pat would be so happy watching the shows, he was crying and that his passion for the business was infectious. HHH said that yesterday was a rough day for everyone and that could be seen in the NXT open. HHH said that yesterday, they all watched the Alley Fight between Pat and Sgt. Slaughter at the Capitol Wrestling Center and that everyone was screaming and cheering and that it was a fitting tribute, as Pat would have loved to see all of the wrestlers watching his matches.

Triple H ran down the NXT card and said that the build to this card has been great in his opinion. Triple H then passed things over for the Q&A session. The first caller passed on his condolences regarding the passing of Pat Patterson and asked what HHH learned from Pat when it comes to talent. Triple H said that he learned every day the day-to-day aspects of the business and that there are so many things that he either learned from Pat directly or be riding with Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon and that they told him about the things that they learned from Pat. Triple H said that Pat was a great teacher and that he spoke in the wrestler-shorthand language that they all understood, stating that it is hard to say what the lessons were, because he learned constantly from him. Triple H said that he has been lucky to learn from some great minds in the business and Pat is chief among them and said that he may not have learned more from anymore more than Pat.

The next caller asked about Pat McAfee and whether his appearance was supposed to be a one-time thing, or whether he was so good that they brought him back and questioned if Pat’s group will be sticking together. HHH said that Pat’s group will be sticking together and that it’s a special group, while Pat is a unique character. HHH said that people sometimes criticize those who come in from the outside and said that yes, Pat played football, but that Pat has always loved the WWE. HHH said that Pat went to the NFL, made a lot of money, but always had that love for the wrestling business and said that when he first met Pat, he did not know all of these things, but he does now. HHH said that Pat is a gifted athlete who gets it and loves doing this and said that he loves to work with people who have that passion for the wrestling business. HHH said that if you listen to Pat talk, he is a natural heat-seeking missle, noting that he has the gift of gab and loves to mess with people.

The next caller asked what Triple H has planned for 2021 and questioned when fans will be at shows. Triple H said that it has been barren without fans and that he can’t wait to get them back when it is safe to do so, but noted that he looks forward to the first show that they can do in front of fans as they will all go crazy that night.

The next caller asked about A-Kid winning the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament and asked if A-Kid will defend that on other brands. Triple H said that A-Kid is a phenomenal talent and that part of the NXT system is to recruit talent from all over the world and that A-Kid is a great example of that. Triple H said that he loved the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament and is a huge fan of the brand and what they are doing and said that if there are people who aren’t watching, they’re missing out. Triple H said that with COVID, everything is on hold to bring talent to the main NXT brand, as well as to send talent to the NXT UK brand.

The next caller asked about Rhea Ripley’s loss at WrestleMania 36 and how Triple H said previously that it would make more sense later, questioning if things changed. Triple H said that the pandemic caused a ton of changes and noted that if you went back to March and still thought that now, things would be in lockdown, everything changes day-to-day and said that it is hard to plan next week, let alone next year and that when you are young in the business, you can get your confidence rattled. HHH said that he sees that with his own kids playing sports, noting that if they score a goal, they get some confidence and believes that long-term, the lessons are valuable and said that the setbacks are what make you grow as a performer and that if everything is easy, then you don’t grow and that setbacks are part of the journey. HHH said that when you are young, it’s harder to think long-term and that the creative from then was going somewhere, but the whole world changed and said that the Rhea now is better than she was earlier this year and that the process has made her better.

The next caller asked about how open they are working with other promotions, referencing AEW/IMPACT Wrestling. Triple H said that they are open for business and that people often have a bad perception as to what the WWE would do, but said that they are open to the right opportunity, once it makes sense for the WWE and the long-term partnership between both companies. HHH said that if it is good for the business of both companies, then they will consider it.

The next caller asked about the rise of Danny Burch on the brand and what he offers. Triple H said that Danny has always been a guy that looks the role and is the role and that sometimes a talent is flashier and jumps out for the fans, but Danny is consistent and can do it all and that leads to people like him sometimes floating under the radar, noting that Danny is a valuable performer for the NXT brand and is a guy that they can count on and he can’t say enough good things about him.

The next caller asked about why WWE NXT was not involved in this year’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. HHH said that it was creative related, but was also done for COVID precautions, noting that they try to keep the brands separated due to exposure issues and that that was a big factor as it would have taken a lot of criss-crossing this year to make it happen.

The next caller asked about the talent in the NXT Women’s Division. HHH said that when something is that good, you put it out there and that is what he does with the women in NXT, because they are great and said that last night, when they came through the gorilla position, he told them that no one can touch them and that they are badasses and that the women coming up are learning from the top women and said that is the same with the NXT UK brand as they are strong there as well and that if they end up in the main event, then it’s because that is what is there and that is because they earned that spot.

The final caller asked about WWE NXT going at a fast pace since October and what went into that decision and questioned if there are any growing pains. Triple H said that there are no growing pains with the brand and that the brand continues to evolve. Triple H said that he likes to constantly look at what they are doing and then evolve from it to see what is working and what is not and questions himself as to how to make it better. HHH said that they are constantly doing that and talking about it, noting that everyone that is a part of it has input and that he loves the way that the show is being presented right now, as they are focusing on both the now and the future and that it is about long-term, keeping it fresh and moving it forward. HHH then finished the call, stating that he was excited for the weekend and thanked everyone for their time on the call.