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People born with achondroplasia – a condition causing disproportionate dwarfism – don’t tend to end up as champions in the world of wrestling. In fact, only one man has ever achieved this, becoming the World Wrestling Entertainment Cruiserweight Champion at the age of 21 and the height of 4’ 5”.

Wisconsin-born Dylan Postl worked and wrestled as Hornswoggle for the world leaders in sports entertainment for ten years, becoming the longest-tenured and unquestionably best-known little person performer in WWE history. In that time, he also appeared in Hollywood movies, bought his own wrestling promotion and, most importantly, became a dad.

LIFE IS SHORT – AND SO AM I is scheduled for a Summer 2019 release by ECW press and will see Postl collaborate with co-writers Ross Owen Williams and Ian Douglass to delve into the physical and emotional challenges of being a little person in both a big person’s world and, often, a large person’s industry, as well as charting Dylan’s emotional path to parenthood, and varied relationships within his own family.

“Looking back through my life to this point has been crazy,” says Postl. “It’s just reinforced something I’ve always thought which is ‘this should never have happened’. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve found myself backstage at a big event or on a movie set, and even this last week over in Saudi Arabia in front of 60,000 people halfway across the world from where I was born, thinking ‘how did this ever happen to me?’ It’s unreal.”

Writer Ross Owen Williams, the co-author of both Bob Holly’s highly-praised Hardcore Truth and upcoming Al Snow autobiography Self-Help commented, “I’m confident people will be impressed when they learn more about Dylan’s background and, especially, his attitude about everything he’s gone through with regards to his condition. Some people could see the condition he was born with as a curse or an excuse, but he just sees it as the way things are and gets on with doing his best to be respected in his profession and an exemplary father – both of which he succeeds at beyond question. He’s an incredible guy with a huge sense of humour, one of the shortest, biggest-hearted people I’ve met and working with him on this book has been and continues to be great fun.”

“Dylan has a highly unique story which we’re certain will both inspire and entertain,” says Michael Holmes, Executive Editor for ECW Press.