Ireland’s Celtic Championship Wrestling returned to action on March 17th from the St. Vincent’s Hurling & Football Club in Cork, Ireland with a loaded show packed from top to bottom, including a “Mystery Opponent Street Fight” as the main event.

The show opened with CCW ring announcer Siren making her way to the ring to announce that Celtic Championship Wrestling had appointed a new commissioner in Luke Barry. Barry came out and announced that CCW will crown their first-ever Heavyweight Champion and that an 8-man tournament will begin at CCW’s event titled Revolution on May 5th. Barry made mention of Bingo Ballance’s name being one of the talents involved, however before he could talk any further, “The Lone Wolf” Lycan came out and questioned Barry as to why his name hasn’t been mentioned yet. Barry told Lycan that he was involved in the Street Fight tonight and that his opponent is a man making his CCW debut, Big Bad Hynesie. Barry stated that the winner of that match will be entered into the 8-man tournament on May 5th.

Singles Match
Bonesaw vs. Vic Viper

Solid opener from these two top talents. The match opened with both men trading hip tosses back and forth before locking up inside the ring. Vic managed to get the upper hand early in the back, however Bonesaw fought back and took the action to the outside for a brief period. The action returned to the ring with Bonesaw continuing the attack, however Vic gained the momentum when Bonesaw hit the turnbuckle instead of Vic, who took the action to the mat and applied a chinlock on Bonesaw. The ref checked on Bonesaw, who responded after his arm dropped twice and regained momentum for a matter of moments, before Vic hit a move, only for a 2 count. Vic argued with the ref before turning around into Bonesaw’s finisher for the 3!

Winner: Bonesaw

Singles Match
Kazza G vs. Kasey Owens

This match has been brewing since the Hostile Halloween event and neither woman wasted anytime as both immediately began brawling as soon as the match began. Kasey plays a wonderful heel the way she reacts and responds to the crowd. Kasey started the match strong, working over Kazza, however Kazza gained momentum for a brief period, hitting a sunset flip for a two count. Kazza started gaining the upper hand in the match, however Vic Viper returned ringside to help support Kasey. Kazza hit Kasey with a missile dropkick, with Kasey feigning an injury. Kazza went to the top rope, however Vic threw her off, allowing Kasey to pick up the 3 count. Ring announcer Siren came into the ring and told the referee what happened and asked for the decision to be reversed, however Kasey attacked Siren, sending her to the outside and brawled with Kazza. Lycan came out and made the save, possibly setting up a mixed tag team match or a match between himself and Vic Viper down the line.

Winner: Kasey Owens

Tag Team Match
J.C. Williams & Fabulous Nicky vs. The Hotshots (Flame & Blaze)

The Hotshots are new to Celtic Championship Wrestling, as is Fabulous Nicky, whose gimmick is so fantasticly funny, it HAS to be seen. Nicky kissed CCW commentator Vinnie, as well as the referee prior to the match starting. Nicky started the match and worked over Flame and Blaze before the action spilled to the outside. Nicky tried to kiss Williams, who pushed him off and told him to focus on wrestling and not on other matters. The action returned to the ring with Williams and Nicky gaining the advantage over The Hotshots and working on the duo, who managed to hit a hot tag and gain control. Flame & Blaze worked over on Nicky, however JC managed to distract the referee, allowing Nicky to gain advantage and tag in JC. Williams & Nicky picked up the victory and post-match it was noted that CCW once again will be returning to action on May 5th.

Winners: JC Williams & Fabulous Nicky

Singles Match
The Executioner vs. Bingo Ballance

Bingo returns to action for CCW after missing the Hostile Halloween event and comes out to a great ovation from the crowd. Executioner who outweighs Bingo is out to boos. Executioner came into the ring and immediately got in the face of the referee before the match started. Executioner worked over Ballance to start the match and once again, action spilled to the outside. The action returned to the ring and saw JC Williams come out and join the commentary table, where he watched the match. Bingo used his speed to his advantage trying to take down The Executioner and looked to end it, however JC Williams got involved. JC went to the ring apron, but was met with a kick to the head from Ballance, who turned around into a Black Hole Slam from The Executioner, who picked up the victory.

Winner: The Executioner

Street Fight
“The Lone Wolf” Lycan vs. Big Bad Hynesie

Hynesie is another name new to Celtic Championship Wrestling fans and was greeted by boos and told Lycan that since it was a street fight, he wanted the match to start on the outside, which Lycan agreed to. Both men brawled around the arena and climbed a bar couch, brawling amongst each other. Lycan pulled the legs of Hynesie, who ended up hurting his “man parts” after falling on the top of the couch. The action then returned to the ring with Hynesie gaining the upper hand, however he then went to the outside and argued with CCW commentator Vinnie O’Mahony, TRASHING Vinnie’s laptop and getting into an arguement with the commentator. Lycan managed to get a picture frame from under the ring, however he hit Vinnie on the head instead of Hynesie. Lycan briefly checked on Vinnie stating that it was an accident and was met with a biscuit tin lid to the head from Hynesie. With Vinnie down, the action started to spill around the arena, to the bar and to the outside, where both ben brawled before returning to the arena and to the ring. Iron boards, sledgehammers and more all came into play during this period as Lycan gained the upper hand hitting a side slam on Hynesie, who gave the “up yours” signal to the fans after feeling the full effects of the move. Hynesie grabbed a guitar from under the ring and hit Lycan over the head, however he only managed to get a 2 count. The action then spilled outside the ring once again and quickly returned to the ring. Lycan hit Hynesie with the sledgehammer and picked up the 3 count. Commissioner Luke Barry was ringside and post-match, Lycan made a title gesture to Barry and noted that Hynesie couldn’t stop him and he will be the first-ever CCW Champion.

Winner: Lycan

Photos from the event are below: