Michael Cole opened the show and noted that Sean “Diddy” Combs and Living Colour would be performing live at WrestleMania on Sunday and that names such as Mike Tyson, Charlie Sheen, Jimmy Fallon and Snooki would be at WrestleMania and would be involved in the event in some capacity. Cole noted that at the end of the conference, the WWE talents appearing will be available for a group photo op. Fandango’s music hit and he came out and danced, while Cole handed him a mic. Fandango then introduced himself and danced off, as Cole mentioned that Fandango would be competing in his first match on Sunday at WrestleMania.

Cole the introduced WWE’s SVP of Special Events John Saboor, who said that the entire WWE is excited about WrestleMania and thanked everyone for their help in organizing the WrestleMania events and asked everyone to applaud the local organizing committee. Saboor said that around 125,000 people will be on hand for the WrestleMania activities and promoted AXXESS as something for everyone in the family and said that they also have the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend and Monday’s WWE RAW, where the road to WrestleMania 30 begins. Saboor then said that over the past 5 years, the event has created $300 million in local income through local tourism business, creation of jobs and more and want to leave more for the community than they take out, before introducing Vince McMahon

Vince said that it is a dream come true for himself and his family and at WrestleMania 1, they coined the sports-entertainment phrase and said that at that event, they had the world’s greatest athletes and entertainers under one roof and said that what WrestleMania stands for, is a hybrid of sports and entertainment under one roof and that nothing can compare to watching WrestleMania.

Ricardo Rodriguez came out and introduced Alberto del Rio, who thanked the Latin media for being present and noted that Sunday is very important, as for the first time, a Mexican-born and raised athlete will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and said that his family, friends and fans are going to support him and promised that there was no way Jack Swagger would walk out victorious. Del Rio said that Swagger has done a lot of damage to himself and Ricardo, however he will break his pride and if he gets the chance to do so, he will break his arm also and closed out his comments in Spanish. A representative of Mayor Bloomberg’s office came out and thanked people for being here and said that it was such a pleasure to welcome the company and WrestleMania. Michael Cole then came on stage and put over that several members of the New York Giants were in attendance, before introducing Triple H under his real name.

Triple H came out and said that at WrestleMania, he will teach Brock Lesnar a lesson, however before he could continue any further, Stephanie McMahon’s music hit and she came out and joked around a bit. Stephanie discussed the McMahon family history and how they have grown the wrestling business into what it is today and said that her father pioneered pay-per-view with the first WrestleMania event and that they will have more than 75,000 fans in Metlife Stadium on Sunday. Stephanie said that the company have over 20 social media ambassadors promoting WrestleMania and promoted that the pay-per-view can be watched on TV’s, XBOX, Samsung TV’s and other outlets and noted that the company is always evolving and growing. Stephanie then promoted tonight’s Stars for Sandy party and auction, the Reading Challenge and stated that John Cena will host a party with 40 kids through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and noted that the company have over 148 million followers through their social media outlets, which they use to help them connect with fans whenever and wherever they want to follow the product. Stephanie then hyped the pre-show and post-show and noted that the WWE want people to have a good time on Sunday, because the company are all about putting smiles on people’s faces.

Michael Cole came out and introduced Mark Henry and said that Ryback tried to break his record, however on Sunday, it is Ryback who will be broken when he gets his hands on him. Henry said that he’s proud to be born in Texas, but equally proud to be living in Harlem, New York and respects the fans and appreciates their respect. Henry said that he’s been with the company for 17 of the best years of his life and is excited for Sunday and if anyone thinks he’s losing, then Ryback’s in for a bad night. A representative for the New Jersey events organization came out and said that they were thankful for having WrestleMania this year and praised the WWE’s work, as well as their work in the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Michael Cole then introduced CM Punk who said that he’s not going to talk like Vince McMahon did earlier and that he’s different from the rest and that The Undertaker and his streak is legendary, however streaks are meant to be broken and come Monday, everyone will be talking about him and that he’s going to break the streak and break The Undertaker before walking off. Cole then introduced The Rock.

The Rock said that he just landed and said that the WrestleMania marquee above Radio City Music Hall is one of the coolest things he’s ever seen. Rock talked about his debut at Madison Square Garden and said that having the chance to come back to Madison Square Garden means a lot. Rock commented on his grandfather working for Vince’s father, his own father working for Vince and said that when he came along, he screwed everything up and said that to come back, be WWE Champion and give back to the company and the business that gave him all that he has in life with an event like WrestleMania is great and he knows that the event means to the McMahon family. Rock then commented on Vince’s father and his own grandfather, noting that they never had the chance to perform in a stadium like they will at the weekend and thanked the fans, media, WWE and everyone for allowing him to have the opportunity that he will get this weekend. Rock said that he can chase down Vin Diesel in Rio or fight Cobra in G.I. Joe, but nothing will compare to beating John Cena at WrestleMania and said that to do what they’re doing at WrestleMania, you need a partner and an opponent and that there is no one better than Cena to do that and no one comes close and said that they faced off in Miami and will now do so in his home away from home in New York, before thanking everyone and warning John Cena to be ready for Sunday.

John Cena was then introduced and said that if anyone is involved with WWE, you always get more than you bargained for and said that last night, he watched WrestleMania 28 and feels that Sunday will eclipse that. Cena then joked around and made comments for the French and Chinese markets. Cena said that they are truly excited to be surrounded by all this attention and said that this is a show that everyone can enjoy. Cena said that he has been asked for predictions and predicted that on Sunday, there will be surprises, magic moments and more for all to be entertained by, before wrapping up.

The Rock was re-introduced for a photo opportunity with Cena, before all other talents came out on stage. The press conference closed with Vince McMahon raising the arms of both John Cena and The Rock.