Saturday night in Quinlan, Texas, Imperial Wrestling Revolution put on an amazing card in front of a very hot crowd. It was the perfect mix of hero vs. villain old school matches with a huge amount of late ‘90s attitude topped off with some modern day high flying.

The show began with an exciting triple threat match between El Fuego Del Sol, Montego “The Heatseeka,” and Barrett Brown. Before the match was officially underway, Del Sol and Montego teamed up on the mic and asked where they knew Brown from. Brown, in his first match back in IWR since being powerbombed through a table by The Dudley Boyz during their Hall of Fame induction speech, didn’t seemed to be amused. There were several high spots in the match by all three performers before Del Sol was able to get the win via pin fall on Brown.

Next, we had “The 2nd son” Damon Windsor with Anna Lynn vs. The Outlaw. Windsor, dressed in all black, took the microphone from IWR Ring Announcer Mitch McCoy. Windsor went on to address the crowd about the error of their ways. He was letting the crowd know that he would educate them on the true path of righteousness just as The Outlaw’s entrance music cut him off. This was a hard hitting match that included The Outlaw having a tooth knocked out via a forearm from Windsor. The finish came when Anna Lynn distracted Outlaw, and Damon Windsor followed up with a two handed choke bomb (Lord’s Blessings) for the win.

Next in the ring is “Sabretooth” Marce Lewis vs. Malico “The Magnificent” (with Nzane). The athletic Lewis put up a great fight against Malico for the entire match, but with Malico’s lackey Nzane on the outside attacking him on multiple occasions, he was fighting an uphill battle. Malico wins via pin fall.

In the match that I believe stole the show, Arrow Club member Desi Derata took on Camron Bra’Nae. The Arrow Club made their way to the ring first and before Mitch McCoy could announce the entrance of Bra’Nae, Hawk and Ky-ote had taken the mic and began running down the crowd. The crowd was extremely fired up and popped for Bra’Nae’s entrance music. That match was great, but there was trouble looming with Hawk and Ky-ote ringside. At one point, a fan threw a bracelet at the Arrow Club, Hawk picked it up, broke it and threw it back into the fan’s face. It was intense. Desi controlled most of the match, but Camron answered with a big comeback that was cut short by outside Arrow Club interference. After the match, the members of The Club perform a combination “Wheel barrel face buster/ RKO” on Camron’s already lifeless body. The Club then grabbed the mic once again and started to run down Iceman King Parsons, the living legend that was in attendance for the show. Out comes Jerry “The Boss” Bostic and IWR Revolutionary Champion Chandler Hopkins in defense of Iceman. The Boss tells the The Arrow Club that they’ll settle it in the Main Event with a no disqualification match. And just like that, the main event is set.

After a short intermission, the flamboyant Ja’mane makes his way down to the ring. He addresses the crowd on how he hates when people pronounce his name with an “r” in it. His opponent then comes to the ring. Ryker and Ja’mane have a great match that Ryker was controlling until he slammed his knee into the turnbuckle as Ja’mane moved at the last second. Ja’mane almost pulled it out, but in the end Ryker was victorious.

Prince Mahalli, a prince of the country Iran, now makes his way to the ring, his opponent Retro Randy not far behind. Prince Mahalli had a lot of boo’s coming from the crowd and was not above using illegal tactics to get the upper hand. The match was back and forth, but the turning point happened when the prince attempted to take a “Magic Carpet Ride” off the top turnbuckle. The plan backfired as the prince misses, Randy climbs to the top and hits his “Splash from the Past” before getting the 1-2-3.

Time for the main event. Due to the match being a No Disqualification match, it’s decided that the match will be an unsanctioned match. Ky-ote and Hawk, escorted to the ring by Desi Derata, collectively known as “The Arrow Club,” make their way to the ring as the fans make their disgust known. Out next is Jerry “The Boss” Bostic, but before he can get to the ring, The Club has hit him with a two on one attack. The numbers game is too much for The Boss, but suddenly Chandler Hopkins’ music hits, and he is able to make his way out and even up the numbers. The four of them brawl in the crowd, eventually making their way to the ring, so that the match can officially start. Derata helps Hawk and Ky-ote multiple times behind the ref’s back. Finally, he catches on and tosses her out of the arena to the crowd’s pleasure. The Arrow Club are still finding ways to cheat, which finally causes Iceman King Parsons to make his way down to the ring to even things up. As he was standing ringside to ensure that The Club would fight fair, The Boss actually called Iceman up onto the ring apron to be tagged in. Iceman climbs up on the apron and tags in. after tagging in, he delivers a right hand to Hawk and a head-butt to Ky-ote resulting in Iceman pinning Ky-ote for an unofficial three count. And there you have it guys. It was a really good card from top to bottom. I will be back next weekend to review all the cards that IWR will be putting on in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on the weekend of April 20.

Written by Jordan Fox, host of The World Class Podcast & Publicist for IWR

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