All Japan Pro Wrestling have announced the full schedule for the 2021 AJPW Champion Carnival tournament, a 10-day tour that will begin on April 9th in Osaka, Japan and conclude on May 3rd in Tokyo, Japan.

As of writing, no names have been announced for the upcoming tournament, however one would expect that names will be revealed before the end of the month, as AJPW will hold the final show of their Excite Series tour on February 23rd at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

The announced dates are below:

– April 9th in Osaka, Japan.

– April 10th in Nagoya, Japan.

– April 11th in Niigata, Japan.

– April 17th in Tokyo, Japan.

– April 18th in Chiba, Japan.

– April 24th in Tokyo, Japan.

– April 25th in Tokyo, Japan.

– April 28th in Kanagawa, Japan.

– April 29th in Tokyo, Japan.

– May 3rd in Tokyo, Japan.