Tyler Reks talking about post WWE: “I rode the Facebook wave. We were the first to bring the Keto diet to the internet. I was literally the first person to bring and advertise for it and that is when we took off…Every night to quiet my mind, I wrote an e-book which was our Genesis program. That was the first program we ever did. It came out in e-book form. I PDF’d a word document. It was that raw.

I put it up on a Facebook page, we came up with a name…I figured let’s find out what the Facebook followers want because we made some motivational videos for fun. We were taking I-phones and we were clipping it with voice overs just for fun and one of them went viral. It was insane, hundreds of thousands of views out of nowhere. We did a preorder and sold 50 of them…Then it was 100, then 200, then 400, then 500 and then a thousand at a time. At the end of the year, we made $6,000.

That was cool but I can’t live of $6,000. So, I thought, what if we turned this into a program and we film instructional videos for everything, from start to finish. I hired a programmer…I remember I started selling it and Facebook ads were brand new. It was one of those things where you put $5 in and we send it to everybody. There were no restrictions. I started selling the program for $120 and I thought, let’s see what happens. Nothing. I drop the price down to $100 after a week or two. I sold one here and there and I thought, well that’s interesting. We kept dropping the price. I hit the $60 mark, $59.99 and I had the PayPal alert on my phone. At $59.99, I was doing like $100 in Facebook ads every month.

One day, we were in the kitchen and I hear bing, bing, bing. It took off. From that day forward, it was crazy. I thought that was off $100. What if I spent $200? I had a 20 to 1 return on investment, so if I spent $1, I made $20. I was spending $5,000 a day at one point on Facebook. I would net $10-15,000 a day…We made $1.3 million off an e-book. I have nothing to show for it right now. I made so many bad decisions with that money living a flashy lifestyle.

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