In an interview with Nick Hausman as part of The Wrestling INC Daily Podcast, Game Changer Wrestling owner discussed the planned match between Elayna Black (WWE NXT’s Cora Jade) and Joey Janela not taking place this weekend.

“That was a match and it was cleared. I would love to say, oh the evil WWE stepped in and screwed us and whatever, but I don’t think that was necessarily the case, I think that as far as Elayna Black goes, there was a certain timeline they had on when she was going to report and she would start becoming a part of their product and I think what happened was her timeline kind of got sped up and I think that at one point, WWE gave her the permission and then, once it got sped up, they kind of decided it was time to roll it back and I think once the match was announced probably, this is just my guess, somebody within the organization said, hey we need you now so you can’t do it. That’s what happened, it was announced and then, 20 minutes later, we were asked to unannounce it.

The show is available in full at this link.