WWE sent out the following:

Goldberg confirms return to WWE next Monday night on Raw

The modern-day dream match once thought possible only in WWE 2K17 might become a reality sooner than you think.

After Goldberg’s recent SportsCenter comments about returning to WWE and facing Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman threw down the gauntlet on Raw, issuing a harshly worded challenge to a “fight” on behalf of his client. His parting words to the former World Heavyweight Champion? “You’re next.”

Shortly after Heyman’s incendiary remarks, Goldberg took to Twitter to reveal that he’ll be responding to the advocate’s challenge in person, live next Monday night in Denver.

Will the iconic Goldberg — unseen in a WWE ring for 12 years — agree to battle one of the most destructive forces in WWE’s New Era? This potential collision might have been born out of the fantasy world of video games, but the barbaric consequences will be all too real. Game on.