In a recent interview with Sporting News, WWE NXT superstar Grayson Waller discussed several topics, including his friendship with current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Robbie Eagles and why Grayson feels that he would not be where is professionally if it wasn’t for Robbie Eagles.

“He was actually here the last two weeks, he was wrestling for New Japan Strong, he came in early to come and stay in Orlando and hang out with us. Getting to see Robbie again, he was my Day One coach and the first person I saw when I walked into a wrestling center, since then, he has been my number one mentor and he is the reason that I’m here, he is the reason that when I get to wrestle Roderick Strong, I show that I belong on his level.

I genuinely feel that if it wasn’t for Robbie Eagles, I wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t be in the position I’m in. Having him here in Orlando the past couple of weeks was really cool, it was kind of like a little dose of home, we kind of had a laugh thinking about how he is the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion and I was wrestling for the Cruiserweight Championship. Imagine if we had the two most prestigious junior heavyweight belts in the world. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make that happen, but just the opportunity to be there, it was very crazy for us to think about where we’ve come from.”

The full interview is available at this link.