Hardcore Roadtrip sent out the following:

Hardcore Roadtrip are pleased to announce that we have added June 1st, 2014 to our schedule. Talent booked so far for this event include Homicide, Petey Williams, Christian York, Jimmy Jacobs, Facade, Papadon, Tony Nese, Alex Reynolds, The Necro Butcher, Mad Man Pondo, Crazy Mary Dobson, Jennifer Blake, Kongo Kong, Johnny Silver and Colin Delaney. Tickets for the event are available at http://www.hardcoreroadtrip.ca/hostile-fn-takeover-toronto/.

This event is in addition to the April 26th event in London, Ontario, Canada that includes Devon Dudley, Rhino, Angel, The Necro Butcher, Jazz, MASADA, 2 Cold Scorpio, Christian York, Hijo del Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, Zach Gowen and many more. Tickets for that event are available at http://www.hardcoreroadtrip.ca/tickets-for-april-26th-hrt-ii. More details on Hardcore Roadtrip are available at http://www.harcoreroadtrip.ca/.