Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting held a Q & A show at the Camden Highlight Club in London, England prior to the weekend. Sting touched upon several topics, but remain tight-lipped on others, leading many to appear that he could be WWE-bound based off his answers.

Sting noted that he wants to face The Undertaker in the final wrestling match of his career and that he’s not interested at this time in facing other opponents in the WWE or independent wrestling promotions as his final match and noted that he has watched several videos on YouTube and has done his research by watching The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels matches at WrestleMania. When asked, Sting noted that he hasn’t watched the TNA product since departing the company, but has been purposefully watching WWE RAW for the past few weeks.

Sting was asked about his time in WCW and stated that he didn’t feel that Hulk Hogan took his spot when he joined WCW and noted that he was responsible for Bill Goldberg joining the company, as Goldberg used the same gym as Lex Luger and himself in Atlanta. Sting noted that he was disappointed about not having a feud with Bret Hart that was credible in WCW and put over Scott Hall for giving him the idea behind “The Crow” look.

Sting stated that his 3 favorite matches in his career to date are facing Ric Flair at Clash of the Champions in 1988, his first World Championship victory and the 1997 Starrcade pay-per-view against Hulk Hogan and stated that Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels are the two people in the business he rates highly.