WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart were on The Opie & Anthony Show on SiriusXM earlier today.

Highlights of the interview are below:

Hogan discussed the first ever WrestleMania pay-per-view and the list of celebrities WWE had at the event including the likes of Liberace, who Jim Norton joked was only there to smell the seats. Hogan then went on to discuss his WWE return stating that he had been working for another wrestling promotion for over 4 years and no one saw him and said that being back in the WWE now for WrestleMania 30 is great and that the “Immortal” tag line in his nickname is legitimate due to the introduction of the WWE Network. Hogan then talked about his relationship with Vince McMahon and noted that business is business and that Vince McMahon has those two sides and he made the mistake of taking things too personally.

Hogan then noted that if things happen, he’s up for getting physical at the WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view and said that he’s impressed with the young talent in the company these days, putting over The Wyatt Family. Hogan also noted that he would be at tonight’s WWE RAW and the WWE RAW after WrestleMania 30 and has plans to stick around with the company for as long as they want him on-screen.