In a recent interview with The Pro Wrestling Boom podcast conducted prior to the ROH Final Battle pay-per-view, Ring Of Honor Wrestling commentator addressed his future with the company, noting that he is under contract to ROH through March 2022.

“Yeah, so I’m not even particularly sure I’m on Supercard Of Honor. I’ve talked to Greg Gilleland and Greg has indicated that I’m currently a part of the plans, which is nice. I have some other opportunities lined up as well, on a per-night basis, which are really exciting and I’ll probably announce after Final Battle with the right permission from the folks that have given me these opportunities, so that’s exciting too, but yes, I’m actually under contract through March and so, I will be participating in these shows.

I believe myself and Quinn McKay will either be hosting or doing voiceover, doing v/o for these shows and one of the ideas that was batted around was sort of a Ring Of Honor Hall of Fame, with Ring of Honor Hall of Fame episodes, with feature episodes on some of the all-time Ring Of Honor greats over the last 20 years, so there may be some work on that. That, I believe, is what we may be planning for, there may be some more ‘best of” type episodes as well, so it’ll be, there will actually be new first-run episodes, but they just won’t have the first-run matches, if that makes sense.

This is the last time that we’ll physically be seeing each other, you know, as a group at Final Battle, the last time until April, and who knows who’ll be back. I told Ring Of Honor that I’d like to come back, but one of the consequences of being around a long time is that you know, your salary does go up and there might be somebody cheaper who’s just as good, or somebody who they feel might give a better look to the brand or program.”

The full interview is available at this link.