FITE TV sent out the following:

The much anticipated stream of ICW’s 6th Annual Square Go is today! Wresting fans are buzzing about the show that took place this Sunday live and FITE is airing it at 4pm ET later today for our US fan base to enjoy on a convenient schedule. But we at FITE have been wondering… how to make a big event even bigger?

The answer is simple: the fans. FITE viewers will be able to participate in our events with our in-app live chat. The new chat functionality debuts for ICW show and will let you communicate and share your excitement during every hit and slam.

And we’re proud to announce that our own FITE TV host and correspondent, SoCalVal, will be there too conversing with ICW fans about the show. Now that is what we mean by exclusive!

Speaking of exclusives – Drew Galloway has given us an interview before the event he fights in and talks with SoCalVal about everything you have ever wanted to know, and more.

Interview with Drew Galloway: