ICW No Holds Barred sent out the following:


Moving forward, ICW No Holds Barred will be implementing a more strict set of guidelines when running live events. The Barn in Millville is an open-air venue that provides proper ventilation but it is clear that we need a serious overhaul and that starts now.


– All wrestlers must provide a properly documented negative test result for COVID-19 before competing on any ICW NHB event.

– No paper tickets to ensure a contact free interaction upon entering the event.

– On site temperature checks for all staff (crew, wrestlers, etc…) along with all ticket holders before being seated.

– Anyone with a fever will not be allowed in and will be given a refund.

– A strict floor plan has been drawn up to ensure show goers are spaced out in the safest way possible.

– Ringside seating to be extremely limited. Tickets purchased together will be grouped together.

– GA ticket holders are urged to BRING THEIR OWN CHAIR (one will be given if needed).

– Hand sanitizer will be readily available.

MASKS ARE REQUIRED. Please bring your own. If you don’t have one, you will be given one.

– An independent security team will be hired to police the event making sure masks are worn and proper social distancing is kept throughout the show.

– Anyone not following these guidelines will be ejected by our security team without a refund.

– After the event concludes, show goers will exit by group to prevent any unneeded crowding.

We have heard the complaints and issues stemming from our last set of events. The staff here at ICW No Holds Barred wants to continue to learn, grow and of course roll with the punches.