The following results are from a recent ICW No Holds Barred event. The event took place on September 10th, 2020 at The Blood Shed in Millville, New Jersey.

Note: All matches took place in a Mixed Martial Arts & Deathmatch format under Gung Ho Rules (Match can only be won by Pinfall, Submission, Knockout or Ref Stoppage).

Match #1
Eric Ryan defeated Orin Veidt via referee stoppage.

Match #2
Dominic Garrini defeated Jimmy Lloyd via submission.

Match #3
Alex Ocean vs. Danny Demanto was declared a no contest per the referee’s discretion.

Match #4
Reed Bentley defeated Eddy Only via pinfall.

Match #5
Atticus Cogar (w/Eric Ryan & Eddy Only) defeated Akira via pinfall.

Match #6
John Wayne Murodch defeated Casanova Valentine via pinfall (w/Riley Madison).