An e-mail from Ed Nordholm was issued to the staff of the IMPACT Wrestling offices in Nashville, Tennessee recently, informing them that the company is going to begin consolidating the office with the Anthem offices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, according to a report from

The report notes that what that now means is that it is the beginning of the end of the actual physical office in Nashville, although there is no timeline on that and what it means for the office staff in Nashville remains to be seen, as some may depart or do their work from home, while others may consider the move to Canada. The report also states that the belief is that the production of the IMPACT Wrestling series would remain in Nashville, but that is not 100% confirmed, while the company have been slowly moving their merchandise sales to a third party fulfillment company, solving the issue of how they handle their orders.

Meanwhile, the report also notes that Dean Broadhead, who was the company’s Chief Financial Officer for many years was let go at the end of September. Broadhead was credited by many as being the man that was able to keep IMPACT Wrestling going during their financial issues.