Preston City Wrestling sent out the following update on independent wrestler Lionheart, who was injured post-match at last night’s Road To Glory Night Two event after taking a Styles Clash from AJ Styles.

Lionheart Update

Thanks for all the messages of concern. Lionheart is his usual grumpy self so thats a good sign. Also he has movement in his arms and legs. He is in the best place possible right now and all the PCW family are here to support him and hope he has a speedy recovery.

An MRI scan has revealed Lionheart has a broken neck. We are looking at the best of a bad situation. He does not need surgery and he is sitting upright without a neck brace on. No nerve damage can be seen and hopefully just a clean break. As we said before he has good movement in his arms and legs.

Lionheart himself wanted to tell you all about his neck and he said “tell them I got a broken neck cause it makes me look like a hard b*****d”.