In an update on UK independent wrestler Lionheart following a broken neck at a Preston City Wrestling event in Preston, England over the weekend, Lionheart noted that he is being discharged from the hospital and that doctors are happy for him to go home.

With the help of several different painkillers and a neck brace I have been able to stand on my own and walk a good few steps #?Blessed

Doctor has said he is happy for me to go home in a collar and a lot of drugs in hand. I will be referred to the hospital in Ayr where I will get my ongoing physio treatment. Huge thanks to my darling Alison and my wonderful parents who drove down and stayed overnight to be with me. Also much love to Steven and Elizabeth for looking after my parents and Alison, Andrew for visiting and making sure I was getting looked after properly. Also a final and special thanks to Steven, Kristoffer Travis and Noam Dar who stayed with me throughout the Saturday evening and early hours. Love you x

Will keep posting updates for those wanting to keep informed x