IWA Mid-South promoter Ian Rotten (real name John Williams) has been accused of an unprovoked physical altercation on a female wrestler at a recent event, something which both parties addressed on social media.

Roni Nicole (aka Big Bang Nicole) tweeted out a statement several days ago which read, “I, Roni Nicole Redmond was involved in an unprovoked physical altercation backstage at the IWA Mid-South ‘Miss Independent Women’s Show with IWA owner, John Williams/Ian Rotten. At this time I am being advised of the full scope of my legal options, therefore, a more detailed official statement will be released in the coming days. Furthermore, I am no longer in any way associated with IW Mid-South, their subsidiaries, affiliates, John Williams or any individuals directly linked to the organization.”

Rotten responded to the above, by posting his own statement on Facebook, denying any wrongdoing and stated, “The stuff that is being said about me is proof that you could say I raped your grandmother and people would say, “Did you hear Ian Rotten raped someone grandmother?” Or “Ian Rotten kicked my dog” and it would be on the internet as “I heard Ian Rotten is an animal abuser.” What happened Thursday night took place in front of a locker room full of women. The police investigated. The police came in and talked to the girls in the locker room, some of which had met me for the first time that day. I was NOT arrested. Let me repeat this– I was NOT arrested. People can say anything they want about someone and nowadays, that means it’s true. Let me say this. I have heard from North Carolina promoters that say she is nothing but trouble and a bad attitude and that is why she isn’t used. I have heard from top girl promotions who tell me they have heard nothing but bad things about her. You are paid to do a job, and when you are told to do something and you do not do it, you get fired. If you want to believe the things you hear about me, go right ahead but I surely hope that you are never on the wrong side of false allegations. Be smart enough to remember there are always 2 sides to every story.”

There are reports that the incident occurred after a misunderstanding between the two, which led to a verbal altercation, Nicole being fired from the company and then requesting her payment as she had driven a long distance, which Rotten refused and attempted to leave the room, only for Nicole to block his path and the altercation to turn into the aforementioned incident.