In a recent interview with The AEW Unrestricted podcast, newly-signed All Elite Wrestling superstar Jade Cargill discussed training under Heath Slater, Mark Henry being a mentor, training with QT Marshall, learning from Dustin Rhodes, how Chyna had an influence on her, being a mother to a three-year old, her college basketball career, her fitness business and much more.

On being trained by Heath Slater: “That’s Face2Face down in Atlanta, GA. Heath Slater came in a couple of times and worked with me. Actually, Mark Henry, my mentor, was the one who referred me to that gym, they made sure that I was prepared to come to AEW and The Nightmare Factory.”

On the coaches and agents that she is working with in All Elite Wrestling: “I’ve been working with Dustin Rhodes, Dustin has been really gearing in and making sure that I literally am prepared, he made my debut super easy for me, he talked me through everything, as well as QT at The Nightmare Factory, they have been sitting down, talking to me and rehearsing with me, making sure that everything is perfect, Dustin wouldn’t have me out there with anything less. It’s a very relaxing community, Dustin is my guy and QT is my guy, I love them. Dustin is all in when it comes to the Women’s Division, as well as QT. Dustin is very honest, if you’re our there looking crazy, he will definitely tell you that you’re out there looking crazy, he’s old school, so he really educates you about a lot of things and being that I came from an athletic background, I need that, right now he is my mentor.”

On who got her interested in professional wrestling: “Chyna. Growing up, I’ve always been muscular and I would always get picked on by guys saying oh she looks like this, she looks like a man, she’s too muscular. I remember growing up and watching Chyna and seeing how she embodied and loved how she looked and it empowered me and made me say, you know what, I look good, these muscles look great. She is the one who started my journey with wrestling.”

The interview is available in full at this link.