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Are you a Jeff Jarrett fan? Love fantasy football? Now is your time to get the best of both worlds and battle the King of the Mountain in the all-new Double J Double F Fantasy Football Challenge!

Jeff is an 11-time world champion in professional wrestling, but almost equally impressive are his victories in the world of fantasy football. In a recent interview from his lakeside home in Tennessee, Jarrett had this to say: “I’m undefeated in fantasy football. You slap nuts think you have what it takes to beat the King of the Mountain? Then bring it on!”

When you join the Double J Double F Fantasy Football Challenge, here’s what you’ll get:

Go one-on-one with the King of the Mountain: The Double J Double F Fantasy Football Challenge is a full-season fantasy football league that consists of you, Jeff Jarrett & several others like yourself. You’re guaranteed to play Jeff at least once in the regular season and possibly again in the playoffs.

Get some awesome Jeff Jarrett memorabilia:

There will be some awesome Double J memorabilia up for grabs throughout the course of the season.

Everyone who signs up will receive a personally-signed 8×10 picture of the King of the Mountain.

Every week, the person who gets the most points will win an authentic, personalized piece of Jeff Jarrett history (i.e. one of his classic t-shirts).

For the grand prize, whoever takes 2nd place behind Jeff (or if somehow Jeff loses in the playoffs and someone else wins the championship), they get to choose either:

A laser-engraved guitar personalized by the King of the Mountain, one of Jeff’s most popular and best selling-items ever sold; OR Some authentic ring-worn King of the Mountain attire, personalized by Jeff!

And to sweeten the deal, the runner-up gets the other item! Wow!

Every week, fantasy expert Matt Camp (@TheMattCamp & host of Sirius/XM Fantasy Football on Sirius 210/XM 87) will discuss the Double J Double F Fantasy Football Challenge and Jeff’s game that week!

And coolest of all, you’ll get to TALK SMACK WITH DOUBLE J! The week you play Jeff, record yourself trash talking Jeff and post it online. Jeff will watch your smack talk and he will tell you what he has to say. And we’ll VIDEOTAPE THE WHOLE THING! We’ll post it online for you to have forever. Imagine getting to interact with Jeff Jarrett like this! Can you get the best of the King of the Mountain?

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