Ring Of Honor Wrestling announced as part of the Eck’s Files section of their official website that Jay Lethal, who recently debuted for All Elite Wrestling, will face off against EC3 as part of next week’s show.

The announcement reads, “A huge main event has been signed for Ring of Honor Wrestling the weekend of Nov. 27, as two-time former ROH World Champion Jay Lethal and two-time former TNA World Champion EC3 meet in a one-on-one match for the first time. Lethal has been in the news this past week. In addition to Lethal’s fellow Foundation members questioning his loyalty to the faction, he also made his debut for AEW. EC3 spoke in riddles, as he often does, when sharing his thoughts about facing Lethal. ‘All of our leaders have failed us. Our political leaders, our corporate leaders, even our locker room leaders. All of our leaders have failed us, and we deserve more,’ EC3 said. ‘This company, this industry desperately needs a new type of leadership. Not leadership in the sense that I lead these men. But they need to follow an idea. Control. Take back control. Fight for your freedom to find your purpose. This is the narrative.'”