WWE SmackDown Live commentator John Bradshaw Layfield was a guest on the debut edition of “Bring it to the Table” on the WWE Network last night and addressed why WWE RAW should remain a three-hour show.

JBL noted that the Cruiserweight Division and segments covers close to an entire hour of the show as it is and said that existing TV agreements in WWE’s three major markets of the United States, the United Kingdom and India run until 2019.

JBL noted that the company makes $173 million of TV revenue during that time, more than anything else on the balance sheet and that the other revenue drivers are the WWE Network at $137 million and live events at $106 million, while the rest are under $50 million each and that removing one hour of WWE RAW would be a huge revenue hit for the company that provides a tremendous leeway on their balance sheet and said that he does not understand why people would want to take RAW from being a three-hour show to a two-hour show as a result.