In an interview with WWE Digital following his appearance on WWE NXT, JD McDonagh reflected on his final night before moving to the WWE RAW brand.

“That’s a wrap, it’s funny, like a dam breaking I suppose, you’re pushing and you’re pushing and you feel something building for your whole life. I’ve been in this 21 years now, and at 15 or 16, I felt like I was spinning my wheels and I might never make it, but all of a sudden, things happened and it all just clicked.

Coming here to NXT, getting to be in the ring every single week with the best young wrestlers bar none, it helped unlock something in me, it helped me finally get to the next level, I can’t wait, I can not wait for the next chapter. It feels I’ve been walking forever, and I’ve reached the mountain top, I’ve got to keep on pushin the goalposts back, I’m going to ride this thing until the wheels fall of, I absolutely love this.

I love NXT, I loved my time here, loved testing myself, and now, the next step is Monday Night RAW, Monday Night McDonagh.”